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We are the last generation that
can stop devastating climate change

Climate change is the greatest environmental challenge the world has ever faced

Earth Hour puts a brief spotlight on climate change and raises awareness across the globe; but the truth is that every hour of every day, the climate emergency affects every country on every continent. The world is experiencing more frequent and intense droughts, fires, floods, storms, extreme weather, and rising sea levels that are directly harming people and animals, destroying the places they live, and wreaking havoc on lives and livelihoods.


Climate change is caused by our actions

Human activities are changing the natural world. Over the last century, our actions – primarily the burning of fossil fuels for energy, but also excessive farming and forest destruction, have increased carbon emissions and intensified the greenhouse effect, making the earth warm faster than would happen naturally. So what can we do to change climate change?

Wetlands mitigate climate change

Wetlands provide essential ecosystem services to wildlife and human beings – they safeguard our cities from extreme weather, help build climate resilience and are a nature-based solution to many of today’s environmental problems. In Hong Kong, WWF manages Mai Po Nature Reserve, the most iconic wetland in Hong Kong and South China, to ensure that Mai Po continues to provide important ecosystem services. Your support is vital to this conservation work!

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As the world continues to navigate the pandemic, we believe that any new normal should involve a green recovery: Now is the time to start reversing the impacts of climate change to create a better future!

Climate change is happening every hour of every day –
help us change climate change.