Here is a surprising and delightful fact for you: Hong Kong’s waters possess a higher coral diversity than the Caribbean sea! We are fortunate to live with such a rich marine biodiversity – not only does it create natural beauty, it is also essential for keeping our climate in balance and supporting our economy. But – endless marine development work, overfishing, plastic pollution, and other human activities are putting our marine ecosystem in serious danger. To preserve our precious marine biodiversity, we need to act now.

You can help by supporting our work to protect Chinese white dolphins, safeguard corals, fight plastic pollution, promote sustainable seafood, and expand Hong Kong’s Marine Protected Areas to 30% in our waters by 2030.

The health and economic activity of all human beings ultimately depends on the services provided by the natural world. To ensure a sustainable future for all living things, we need to urgently curb the loss and abuse of nature. The biggest challenge – and the biggest opportunity – lies in changing our approach to development. We must never forget that when we protect nature, we also protect people.

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