Wetlands are essential to keep our city both liveable and economically viable. Hong Kong’s wetlands host an incredible 100,000 plus migratory waterbirds each year; they are also a permanent home to unique species like the Eurasian otter, four-spot midget and bent-winged firefly. Wetlands are also “guardians” that protect us from extreme weather. When Typhoon Mangkhut hit Hong Kong in 2018, Mai Po and the surrounding wetlands absorbed rainfall and dampened the extreme waves – they literally saved the city from the storm. But – unplanned and unsustainable development is putting our wetlands under more pressure than ever before.

You can help by supporting our work to manage the one-of-a-kind Mai Po Nature Reserve, advocate for active wetland management and safeguard Hong Kong’s remaining wetlands.

The health and economic activity of all human beings ultimately depends on the services provided by the natural world. To ensure a sustainable future for all living things, we need to urgently curb the loss and abuse of nature. The biggest challenge – and the biggest opportunity – lies in changing our approach to development. We must never forget that when we protect nature, we also protect people.

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